The Morton C. Bradley, Jr. Education Center provides meeting, exhibit, and research space for Indiana University’s historic Wylie House Museum, which was home to four generations of Wylie family members after it was built by IU’s first president, Andrew Wylie, in 1835. The Education Center bears the name of Wylie descendent Morton C. Bradley, Jr., who bequeathed several original sculptures, a museum support fund, and a trove of family documents and heirlooms to the museum in 2004.

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Morton C. Bradley Jr.

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Casual photo of Morton C. Bradley Jr. sitting outside on a patio chair. He is wearing a white shirt and khaki pants. There are several plants and a…

Fair market values of items in the Bradley Estate


This inventory lists Bradley estate items along with brief descriptions, measurements, and fair market values.

Photographs of archival storage


The museum’s archival materials, located on the second floor of the Morton C. Bradley, Jr. Education Center, include letters, photographs, and…